I believe

Food is the Cause and the Cure

Food has a profound effect on growth, health and overall wellbeing. There is a strong relationship between suboptimal eating habits and the development of chronic diseases. On the other hand, food also has many therapeutic possibilities and can be used to nourish the body to not only prevent but also reverse metabolic and chronic diseases, and achieve a state of vibrant health.

Health comes first

Finding the root cause and healing the body as a whole versus addressing individuals symptoms is at the core of using a functional nutrition approach to not only prevent, but also reverse diet and lifestyle related imbalances. Improvements in overall health, accompanied by a feeling of positive energy should be the goal and eventual outcome of an individualised functional nutrition plan.

Every human body is unique

Genetics, previous life choices in terms of nutrition and exercise, mindsets, disease states and ever-changing metabolic health define and differentiate each one of us. An individualised approach that is based on who you are in terms of this uniqueness and the health goals you want to achieve should be the key determinants of your path to better health through optimal nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Optimal Nutrition is a lifestyle

Diets are a trendy part of the nutrition and health space. But regardless of their fame, these temporary approaches rarely work to bring about health. A more sustainable and ultimately health-giving approach is to redesign your eating routines to match both optimal nutrition standards and your lifestyle. Healthy eating is not about punishment and deprivation. Healthy eating is not a diet. It just is!

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food


I practice

Functional Nutrition

Food has many therapeutic possibilities. Healing the body as a whole by addressing root causes versus individual symptoms is at the core of using a functional nutrition approach to nourish the body. This works to not only prevent, but also to reverse diet and lifestyle related ‘dis-eases’ like excess weight gain, PCOS, impaired gut health and prediabetes.

Nutrition Coaching

I will be your nutritionist, teacher, motivator and mentor. A documented nutrition recommendation alone lacks the inspiration and accountability you need to reach your health goals. My client-focused coaching process will guide, teach and empower you to make optimum food and lifestyle choices for yourself to help you stay on the path of good health and vitality.

Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body

My Approach

An individualised journey

A one-time consultation is a good start to provide you with a preliminary nutrition plan designed to help you reach your health goals. I recommend combining this with nutrition coaching, which can last from 2–12 months. This includes follow-up meetings, ongoing lab-testing and progress reviews, and outcome-based adjustments to your nutrition plan, coupled with WhatsApp/Message/email support for the duration of the plan.

Preliminary Assessment

At the outset, I will assess your current state of health, dietary approach and physical activity level through questionnaires and laboratory tests. We will then determine some smart health goals and action steps for your nutrition journey, and identify milestones to be achieved during the change process.

Designing a nutrition plan

I will design a targeted nutrition plan and suggest nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes, as needed, to get you started on your journey to good health. These steps will be fine-tuned and modified from time-to-time, using an outcomes perspective, as you make progress towards your health goals.

Guiding & Teaching

As your nutrition coach,I will guide you and inspire you, and more importantly, teach you the how’s and why’s of the nutritional recommendations being made for you. At the end of our coaching plan, you should feel empowered to make optimum nutrition choices to maintain good health in the long run.